About Oldunn Developments BATHROOMS

Have you ever considered furnishing your bathroom with bespoke furniture that has been designed purposely for your space and your preferred methods of storage? Far too often, furnishing your bathroom can involve pre-manufactured furniture influencing the overall theme and layout of your bathroom due to tricky measurements and designs.

Our bespoke service offers to make bathroom furniture that fits the precise measurements of your bathroom and is designed to fit your individual tastes. Bespoke furniture will be the most flattering option for your space, and it means you can achieve the exact bathroom that you have been hoping for.


Vanity units

Our professional carpenters and joiners are able to create bespoke vanity units made to fit the measurements of your bathroom. The unit will be made to your precise specifications and we offer a range of hardwoods and soft woods in a range of desirable finishes.


Shelves are an important part of a bathroom, as they allow you to store and display your bathroom items. However, pre-manufactured shelves will most of the time fail to fit a bathroom space and end up looking awkward. Bespoke bathroom shelving is made to your specific measurements, also offering a more elegant and durable high-quality wood finish.

Full bathroom refits

So many choose to fit out their bathroom with pre-manufactured products - however, this often leads to a generic appearance that fails to make the most of your unique space. A bespoke bathroom refit allows you to express your sense of style and create as much storage as you personally require.
We pride ourselves on our high-quality craftsmanship, workmanship and service that places the customer’s wants and needs at the absolute forefront of each job. Our bespoke furniture service is available in Monmouth, Ledbury and the surrounding areas, offering an array of services to suit all rooms of the home.